Robert Beatty – Feeling a bit nostalgic

Robert Beatty is an artist and musician who creates both album covers and digital pieces with an airbrushed look to them that, when combined with the vibrant colors and abstract shapes and concepts, gives the overall artwork a 70s feel to it. Some of his pieces are limited to a few colors, focusing more on the shapes of the objects and how they interact with each other, while others use vibrant colors that help guide your eyes across the piece. The album covers are treated the same way. Some are very simplistic, with few objects making a great commotion, while others show a busy scene, and keep your eyes wandering around the artwork.

At first I noticed the various objects and neon colors in some of the thumbnails on Robert Beatty’s art website, , which reminded me of pop-art from the 70s and 80s. Upon closer inspection I noticed what was described as his airbrushing style of digital painting, (described by in their article about his album covers) which reminded me of older style cartoons and animations with their grainy frames. I wanted to feel a sense of nostalgia since I grew up watching those older style movies even though quite a few of these album covers were made in recent years.

Illustration for the NY Times Tech + Design issue 2017.

Thee Oh Sees “A Weird Exits” album artwork for Castle Face Records.

Design for Roland Kayn “A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound” 16 CD boxset on Frozen Reeds.

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