Rashaad Newsome – A Collection of Collages

Rashaad Newsome is a contemporary artist who works in various mediums, from sculpture to digital. He creates music videos and sound productions, as well as sculpture and collage installations often paired together. The collages he creates often depict various figures constructed from different objects, creating a new form while still instilling a harmony with the other objects used in the collage.

When I normally think of collages, I imagine scenery where I see an object pasted into a background it doesn’t normally fit, or animals wearing pasted on clothing. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Newsome blended in the various objects used in his collages. You know it’s a collage, and that the different objects came from different sources, but they still seem to fit well together with how they were arranged. It’s inspiring to see full, coherent shapes made from smaller bits cut out of different media.

Letters Patent, 2013, collage in custom antique frame, faux fur, automotive paint, 51 x 44 x 4 IN

#1st Place, 2016, collage in custom frame with leather and automotive paint, 72 ¼ x 72 ¼ x 5

Saints and Centers 5, 2014, collage on paper, 26 x 40 x 3IN

All images and descriptions from https://rashaadnewsome.com/

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