Maria Chavez – Can You Hear Me Now

Maria Chavez is a contemporary artist who uses sound as her medium. With DJ as one of her titles, Chavez creates mixes of various audio clips and places them in art installations to introduce the concept of space to the clips. She methodically places speakers throughout an installation for some works in order to use the structure of the building to add a unique effect to the sound she uses.

At first, I expected exclusively remixes upon seeing the title of DJ. There’s nothing wrong with the title or remixes in general, but I really enjoyed seeing the experimentation that Chavez performed with sound. While remixes were used in a couple of her works, they were placed in installations in unique ways that I found intriguing.

I Just Know It…, 2016
Sound installation with speakers and amplifier

Amplified Wind, Study #1 for MoMA PS1 Platforms exhibiton
Amplified Wind, Study #2 for Present Company Artspace as part of the Senses Bureau group exhibition

Lapse: Leave: Linger, 2015
56 speaker sound installation
in Cary Hall at the DiMenna Center in NYC

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