Kirsten Lepore – Stop-Motion Notion

Kirsten Lepore is a contemporary artist who produces stop-motion animations using differing mediums, such as clay, cloth, paper, and even snow. She primarily works as an animator and gains commissions from companies such as Google, Whole Foods, and Adventure Time to produce stop-motion pieces that bring charming characters to the 3-dimensional world. As well as collaborations and commissions, Lepore also creates original short films, introducing unique materials and concepts into her works.

When I first noticed Lepore’s website, I recognized the look of 3-D materials and was excited to find out that she did stop-motion animation work. Understanding the time and effort it takes to produce a stop-motion piece helps me appreciate the pieces she creates, and leaves me astounded at the materials she chose for some. Bottle was very interesting to watch because I kept thinking about her process to create the figures and poses, and her thoughts behind using sand and snow for each figure.

The Snow and Sand creatures from Bottle
A frame from Bad Jubies, an episode of Adventure Time animated in stop-motion by Kirsten Lepore
A frame from Stunt Nut, a commercial commissioned by Skippy for smooth peanut butter

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