Final – Art Block – Progress Pictures

Ah, a slight problem. The camera somehow shifted light levels between the layers.
Okay then.

In case the captions are annoying.

Originally, I wanted to animate using traditionally (hand) drawn frames, but after setting up the tripod and getting all the pictures taken, imported, and masked, I discovered that the light levels were annoyingly different (my lightroom trial expired and apparently I’m not on the right version of windows). So I decided to redraw the scribbles in photoshop. First, I took a picture of a blank sketchbook page and uploaded it, then masked out the body part of the original sketch because I enjoyed the sketch-quality of it and know it’d be tough to recreate it without the pressure sensitivity of a tablet. I masked the body and placed it onto the blank sheet, skewing and warping it so that it looked more like it was on the page, as the angle of the original and new pages were slightly off. Then I went over the layer with the burn tool to darken it, as the body was a lighter color than the paper beneath it. After that, it was a matter of drawing the scribbles on different layers and arranging them in a manner similar to the cinemagraph. Once all the layers were created I decided to go through and replace the original black with a gray color to closer match the look of the sketched piece.

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