David McLeod – Beyond CG

David McLeod is an artist who works quite a bit with CG (computer generated) images to create work that looks 3-dimensional that looks almost life-like. While many have come across CG-produced pieces before, the way that David McLeoud causes the objects to interact in some of his pieces gives the work a sense of surrealism while using a tool that can produce life-like objects. He has had the chance to work with various companies such as Nike and Wacom, which have allowed him to spread his work.

Browsing the works uploaded at http://davidmcleod.com/ I was able to find most of David McLeod’s artwork. At first I recognized that they were CG pieces, then I noticed how they involved several objects interacting with each other in strange ways. The artworks include objects someone could almost recognize, while incorporating contrasting textures that generally people are familiar with, and making the objects collide and interact in ways you wouldn’t expect the textures act normally. It was fun browsing the gallery and wondering at the various objects, because I wanted to grab and hold some of them, even though I knew these were just CG graphics in an artwork.

A piece from the Wacom commission done for the Wacom Cintiq Pro tablets.
“Stock Watches”

Compositions for the IBM Outthink campaign.

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