Cory Arcangel – Pop, Skip, and a Jump

Cory Arcangel is a contemporary artist who works in multiple mediums, sometimes combining said mediums. His works include music, paintings, and digital productions such as photoshop works and editing to videogame software. Arcangel often includes pop culture icons and images in his work, using them to catch the viewer’s attention and create messages for the viewer to interpret.

While looking through Arcangel’s gallery, I enjoyed the sense of humor that some of the pieces had. There were some pieces that had a serene sense to them, such as a glass of wine and a kitten looking off to the side, then there were those that genuinely made me laugh or smile, such as the fidget spinner titled 3 Celebs Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash. I enjoyed how simple one piece was and how complex the next was, which made me wonder what exactly this artist would come up with next, and I was looking forward to it.

3 Celebs Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash (SRF-047)

Raw Youth

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