Christian Marclay – Sounds Familiar

Christian Marclay is an artist who plays around with the idea of sound, incorporating the concept of sound into his still images through onomatopoeia or musical instruments and devices. The use of sound for some of his works is also found, with some experiments involving piecing together broken records into workable forms that produce a song of stitched-together quality.

My initial reaction upon reading that Marclay produced these collage works was that they were pretty neat. Playing with the concept of sound would be a challenge without falling back on using said sound as emphasis. Marclay managed to pull it off, however, through various techniques. I feel like I cannot fully appreciate some of his works as I am not a music student nor a music buff, seeing as how he uses different pieces of musical equipment as visual puns and references for his artwork. Overall, they were fun to browse, and I enjoyed seeing the different style of collage.

Actions: Fwash Splooch Fwooo Sploosh Shasht (No.1)
Screen print and acrylic on canvas
88 3/4 × 119 5/16 in. (225.5 × 303 cm)
The Red Wine of Youth
Found sheet music, bullseye glass, box frame
12 5/8 × 10 1/8 × 5 1/2 in. (32 × 25.7 × 14 cm)
Guitar Drag
4:3 single
channel video installation with stereo sound
Duration: 14 minutes

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