Final – Art Block – Progress Pictures

In case the captions are annoying. Originally, I wanted to animate using traditionally (hand) drawn frames, but after setting up the tripod and getting all the pictures taken, imported, and masked, I discovered that the light levels were annoyingly different (my lightroom trial expired and apparently I’m not on the right version of windows). So […]

Lauren McCarthy – AI Improvements

Lauren McCarthy explores the relationships between the population and technology in some of her artworks and performances. Using artificial intelligence and monitoring systems, McCarthy creates unique pieces that allow people to question their roles with advancing technology. The simulations and experiences witnessed let viewers explore the possibilities of AI and social demonstrations. The concepts behind […]

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Interactive Art

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is an artist who creatives interactive installations that use technology and software to make his pieces seem more lively. A viewer may interact with the installations, but the programs and technology involved in some of the projects also allow the installations to interact back, adding a new perspective and creating a unique experience […]